What is Impact Net Zero doing?

We promote net zero activities using both institution-driven and citizen-led approaches. The Toronto City Council (TCC) sets the overall direction to net zero for the City, and has adopted an ambitious strategy to reduce Toronto’s community-wide greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040. We track and assess the city’s progress in reaching this goal, and engage Torontonians in this process.

How do we do this?

To assess whether the City is on track with its net zero commitments, it is important to review how decisions are made, assess their impacts, and measure the outcomes. Most of Toronto’s net zero issues relate to the transportation, housing and waste sectors, and are covered mainly by two Committees that report to TCC: Infrastructure and Environment, and Planning and Housing. We track the progress and accountability of net zero issues of both committees and Council following their meeting calendars, providing context, explanation and analysis, and possible actions by Torontonians.

Why is this important?

The climate and net zero discussion can be daunting because of its complexity and differing viewpoints of the City Councillors. All Torontonians have a stake in this discussion. Through their purchasing power as consumers and civic responsibility as citizens, they can hold the City Council accountable in its net zero commitments, and shape Toronto’s net zero journey.